What is BAME?

BAME stands for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethinicities. Simply it means people whose families aren’t originally from the UK. This includes people from Europe, as well as Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

What are the Devon BAME Business Excellence Awards?

The awards want to celebrate what business from Plymouth’s BAME communities bring to the city. It’s not only about money – maybe the owner has helped others to set up their own businesses or inspired you by giving back to their community.

There are 5 different awards:

A business person who actively shares their identity and culture with others. This could be through food, clothing, or just the way they interact with their customers!

For a business or individual who helps others and supports their community, even if they have their own difficulties. Maybe this person has had problems with the running of their business, but they are always friendly and happy to help you, despite their setbacks.

For women who have succeeded in business. There can be extra pressures on female business owners, so we want to celebrate some of the women who successfully run their own businesses.

A person in business who uses their talent to inspire and empower others. Maybe this person mentors young people to develop their skills, or encourages people to achieve their dreams.

For a young entrepreneur (up to age 35) who has grown a business or is a future business leader. Has a young person inspired you by their drive and determination to achieve their dreams? Maybe this person has more potential and they are still on a journey.

How do I nominate?

You can nominate a business person for each of the 5 categories on the next page by using the button below.
You are able to nominate for just one category, or upto all five.
You can nominate different people for each award, or the same person for multiple awards if you think they match more than one.
Make sure you tell us WHY you think they should be nominated for the award you have chosen them for.
Please provide a way of contacting you if we have further questions about the nomination, or we may not be able to consider it.

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